Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Shoot

These are some of our favorite pictures shot August 6th for the Classic Coup catalog. Soon you'll be able to order the shirts online. Stay tuned...

Thanks to Julie Freeman of Phat Bites for the location. More on our Phat Bites connection later...

Also thanks to Photographer Jenny Mandeville and Joey Mandeville, her assistant, for incredible work. And to our models who stayed cool despite blistering heat--Ben, Sarah, Emily S., Jonathan, Greg, Sara, Trent, Lauren, Emily L., Abby, Taylor, Cole, Zach and Jonah-- Great job!

1 comment:

  1. I rather think Joey Mandeville was there as a creative consultant, not as an assistant. I mean, this totally isn't him, but I could just sense his importance stretching beyond the realm of assisting. And as a person who completely and honestly has no affiliation with Joey Mandeville now or in the future, shouldn't I know?